Class of 1972

Steel Valley High School

The old Homestead High School was used as Steel Valley’s first High School building.


The class of 1972 is the first to graduate from Steel Valley High School.

  Steel Valley High School was formed from a merger of three areas; Homestead, Munhall and West Homestead.

The Class of 1972 has had a reunion gathering every five years and celebrated their 35th reunion in November 2007.


An excerpt from the 1972 yearbook:

We, the former students of Homestead and Munhall, were but minute fragments of steel tossed into a “Crucible.”  Now molded together, we are the foundation of a new structure; a team united in upholding the coming years. 

… As students, we weathered but one year at Steel Valley High.  To us 1972 will always be the Genesis of .  .  .


Officers of the Class of 1972

             Cliff Smith      -            President

             Gary Lesko      -            Vice President

             Kathy Ryan     -            Secretary

             Joyce Steiner  -            Treasurer

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